Business History

We got our start in the computer industry in 1992 as volunteer phone support technicians for a free local Internet provider (Gadsden Community Network) in the Gadsden County, Florida area. They were an experiment run out of Florida State University when the World Wide Web was first coming into the home. We were responsible for learning how to set up a dial-up connection, install a web browser and email client and transfer that knowledge to people who were just getting their first computers. If you can remember that time (16 years ago when Mosaic then Netscape were the only game in town), very few people had that knowledge or knew where to find it. Microsoft hadn’t come out with Internet Explorer or Outlook yet, and there were no wizards to guide you through the setup for a connection to the network. We also did a monthly class at the public library for our members to show them how the web browser worked and how to use e-mail.

At Present

Alien World Computer Technicians opened for business in 1994, the name inspired by the strange and sometimes frightening world of early 90's home computing.

We are a Member in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau of North Florida since 2004.

We have two locations, one in Quincy, Florida and the other in Jacksonville, Florida.

Customer satisfaction has been our trademark for over 14 years. In this age of technology we have remained knowledgeable in most areas of business and personal computer systems, receiving highly-regarded certifications with companies such as Toshiba and Dell.

We are a full service Field Tech business serving commercial and residential clients in the North Florida, South Georgia area. We sell new computers installed and setup either custom built to specification or from Dell Computer. We repair desktops, laptops, and printers from most manufacturers. We offer software and hardware troubleshooting. Virus and spyware removal, small network setup and troubleshooting, (both wired and wireless), Internet setup and training.

Our local client list (over 700 strong) includes home users, doctors and dentists, schools, car dealerships, insurance agencies and many other small businesses in the area.

We also do tech work and troubleshooting for several National Companies:

OneSource Building Technologies – handles New Edge Networks and quite a long list of National Chains. Including the wireless Installation and setup in several of the local McDonalds Restaurants.

The Rhombus Group, Inc. – had us install workstations and network cabling in all of the McDonalds Restaurants in this area for their employee training system.

We also do network and workstation troubleshooting/parts replacement for them and all of the above customers.